What can Industrial PCs and displays handle?

Industrial PCs (IPCs) and displays are routinely used in harsh environments. Even in less extreme industrial environments, IPCs and displays are often subject to heavy handling or accidental damage. So, its important to know what your IPCs and displays can (and can’t) handle.

There are many cases where engineers might overlook the need for robustness and durability in IPCs and displays, particularly in environments where there is unlikely to be any extreme shock, vibrations or impacts.

However, things happen in the day-to-day activities on the factory floor that can impact IPCs and displays, and it’s important to ensure systems remain operational and intact in these cases. Even if a system doesn’t need to have an extended operating temperature, you also don’t want it to temporarily stop functioning if somebody accidentally knocks or scratches it!

  • Summary:
  • Even in traditional industrial environments, IPCs and displays need to be robust
  • Testing systems for physical damage or performance disruptions is invaluable


Hi, my name is Gene Juknevicius. I am a solution architect at Emerson. At Emerson, we know that customers need reliable industrial PCs and displays to run their applications. So let’s see how robust Emerson’s industrial PC and display really is. 

So here we have our RXI2-BP Industrial PC and two RXI monitors. By the way, let me show you an interesting feature of a display port interface that our industrial PCs and monitors do support. It’s called a multi stream transport. It allows us to daisy chain multiple independent monitors to a single display port output on an industrial PC. 

In this case, I’ll be showing video on one display and performance statistics on the other display. 

So, let’s see how robust the industrial PC is. For the test I’m going to drop it on the floor while operating. We’re going to watch the video to make sure that there are no interruptions. So for the test, let’s see how high the table is – it’s about 75 centimetres. We obviously need to make sure that the cables are long enough. 

And, please, don’t do this test at home — it requires a certified IPC dropper. Ready? 

Look at the video. It keeps running. As you can see, the video did not even flicker. This is exactly what we want.  

Okay, so industrial PCs are robust enough. What about our displays? When visiting some of our oil and gas customers, I was told that people in the field tend to use large screwdrivers as a stylus for the touch screen.  In our case I have this large wrench. Let’s try to use that.  

Okay, what about trying to use a display as a cutting board?  

As you can see, neither the large wrench nor a sharp cutter left any scratches on a display.  

Our goal is to deliver solutions that you can deploy anywhere and not worry if they will operate, so that you can focus on your application.