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Industry ideas


The smart factory pipe dream

In the fourth industrial revolution — or Industry 4.0 — data is the new electricity. Before we can truly begin to revolutionise industry, more businesses need to have the means of capturing, storing and analysing their industrial process and operations data.


Improving production process sustainability

Most manufacturers have started taking steps to reduce energy demand by investing in energy efficient technologies and metering systems. However, these technologies are only as useful as they are monitored and managed, which can be difficult for larger businesses.

Tech ideas


What can Industrial PCs and displays handle?

Industrial PCs (IPCs) and displays are routinely used in harsh environments. Even in less extreme industrial environments, IPCs and displays


The three Rs of automation data

Data is vital in modern industrial operations. However, many businesses often deploy data collection and analytics systems in a way


Free whitepaper: IoT ready by 2030

Discover the technologies available to support the IIoT, and the value of using them.

Technical resources


Control-to-cloud effectiveness

Connecting systems and processes gives companies a broader visibility of business-wide operations. However, as data moves into the cloud, one of the primary concerns is security.


Data and the new oil industry

The oil and gas industry is perhaps one of the most important to the global economy, with the combined economic value of upstream oil and gas sectors accounting for at least an estimated five per cent of the entire global economy.