Start your digital transformation journey

Beginning the digital transformation cycle

Whether you know it as digital transformation, digitalisation or Industry 4.0, it’s no secret that new technologies are currently reshaping the way many businesses operate. However, an umbrella term as broad as ‘digital transformation’ does not offer much clarity to business leaders making their first efforts to digitalise.

Many businesses are expected to know where they are going in terms of digital adoption. In reality, many do not. In a sea of digital systems, Internet of Things-enabled widgets and intelligent automation platforms, it can be difficult to navigate.

Fortunately, for companies still working to define their journey, Novotek has mapped out each stage of the digital transformation cycle — that is, the circular process that every business should go through to develop their vision, refine it, align it with practical projects and deploy systems and processes to realise the objective.

Getting started

Veronika Grozdanovska, Chief Innovation Officer of Novotek AB, explains the typical digital transformation cycle and how industrial businesses can begin their own journey.

Unsure what to expect from digital transformation and what kinds of areas should be considered? This video is an ideal starting point for you.