Operational INSIGHTS

for food & beverage manufacturing

Getting started with food digitalisation

The food and beverage industry is one where innovation in product development or design can boast a significant competitive advantage.

Keeping competitive with food automation

With an overall turnover of €1,109bn and more than 4.5mn people employed across the continent, the food and drink industry is undoubtedly

Overcoming short-termism

With new technologies, plant managers should not only focus on short-term but also the longer-term future, and do so through continuous improvement.

Tackling transparency

The consumption of safe and nutritious food is a basic human right, with safe being a key word. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for the safety of food to be called into question, leading to recalls and extensive investigation.

Understanding data servitisation and data ownership

Data is the most important raw material in industry. Yet few understand who owns it after it is created, or what rights they have while storing it. A lot of the issues that data ownership presents are not what they seem at first glance. We explain who owns what with regards to industrial data and explains what risks can arise and how to protect your business from them.

Out with the old, in with the new SCADA

Novotek was part of the team of companies that initiated PC-based SCADA back in the 1980s. While it was revolutionary in the automation industry, plants have changed enormously since then, so SCADA systems must reflect this. The rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) means that there are far more connected devices around the plant, all of which need monitoring by SCADA systems.

Efficient maintenance is virtually a reality

When we think of virtual reality (VR), many of us still think back to the bulky, unflattering headsets found in video game arcades in the 1980s and 1990s. However, modern VR and augmented reality (AR) technology is more than a quirky arcade attraction, with it offering a wealth of benefits to food and beverage maintenance engineers.

Managing food waste

How can food waste be reduced at the manufacturing stage of the supply chain? In an ideal world, there would be no food waste and manufacturers would be able to derive a perfect yield of production, relative to the ingredients put in. Nevertheless, food waste is an issue; albeit one that automation and optimisation technologies can help solve, including by maximising the efficiency of generating gas from food waste.

Planning production in the food industry

One of the biggest challenges for food manufacturers is keeping up with new trends. While edible algae is unlikely to

Modern traceability for the food industry

Food scandals are like garden weeds. Every year, no matter how much you try to stop them, they keep coming