Foundational work

Step six of the digital transformation cycle

The first step of building anything new is to start with a strong foundation. At this stage in the digital transformation cycle, processes and technology must be adjusted or newly introduced to form a foundation for future digitalisation activities. This involves setting up field-level devices and systems for effective data generation and collection, with scope to analyse historical information in new systems in the future.

Many industrial companies will have systems in place that do aspects of this already, such as existing SCADA systems or a Historian software. In these cases, the key is to ensure a process is in place to ensure this data is managed effectively and accessible to stakeholders in the future.

For businesses with more field-level foundational systems in place, this step might take the form of establishing a platform for data to be freely shared and analysed across all departments of a business. 

No matter what level of existing tech adoption is in place, it’s important that this stage be grounded in practicality and functionality. Work should provide short-term operational benefits, while putting in place systems, practices or digital assets (data) for larger-scale projects in the future.